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Established in the year 2008, KCS Technologies is a division of Kapil Group – The Champion Of Diversity. The global headquarter of KCS Technologies is in Wyoming with its offices in multiple locations, including India, UK, Australia, Indonesia, and Estonia.

Kapil Group is a conglomerate of 40 companies involved in more than 24 different businesses, with over 400 offices and 16,000 employees world-wide. Operating in varied verticals like Real Estate and Construction, Media – Electronic and Print, Hospitality and Business centers, Health and Charity, Kapil Group is one of the largest and renowned groups world-wide. Each business of Kapil Group is professionally managed with a separate board and executive committee.

This is a platform specifically created for Technology Decision Makers, IT Influencers, Business Leaders, and IT Enthusiasts. KCS Technologies Inc. aims to provide knowledge and valuable insights to the information security community, computing and IT professional along with those having general interest in technology.

The blog is a comprehensive source of information covering all the pertinent subject matter for today’s IT professionals, featuring the latest trends and topics, along with in-depth analysis from our in-house experts and thought leaders.

Our idea is to make this blog a robust resource for all the IT professionals encompassing every speciality, including app development, cloud, data centers, research, security, open-source, enterprise software, cloud computing, and much more. 

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of latest trends and emerging technology, then this blog is FOR YOU! 

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