Five Benefits of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest emerging technologies which try to replicate human reasoning in AI systems. It does not belong to the future – it exists now. The AI software market is expected to be valued at 22.6 billion dollars by 2025.

Much like a human brain, Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer program to learn, think and reason. In the year 1950, John McCarthy invented the term Artificial Intelligence. AI is pushing the limitations of machine enabled functionalities.

Here are some of the advantages of Artificial Intelligence:

1. Zero human error
The phrase “human error” is used because we, humans, are bound to make mistakes. Computers and machines, if programmed properly, do not make these mistakes or errors. When we can wipe out human errors totally, the results will surely be exact.  

2. Reduces risks
Putting machines into tasks that can be a danger to humans can overcome many risky limitations of humans. Developing machines to handle with natural calamity can help in faster recovery and lesser stress on human teams.

3. Available 24/7
Unlike a human, machines can work endlessly without intermissions and don’t even get tired or bored doing the same work again and again. The AI-supporting machines can work without any risks and can complete the work speedily too.

4. Take decisions fast
Using AI and other technologies can help machines take decisions faster than a human, as they are data-driven decisions. A human will analyze many factors while making a decision, but the AI-powered machine is based on what is programmed and is devoid of any emotions.

5. Helping with day to day work
We all perform many repetitive works like verifying documents, sending an email, and many others. Such mundane tasks can be productively automated using Artificial Intelligence. It can remove “boring” tasks for humans and save them a lot of time.

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