HR Managers need to alter their role during the Corona epidemic


The Coronavirus epidemic has disordered organizations and impacted human resources managers to think out of the box for their role as they have to adapt to social distancing and a unique work environment that they may not have anticipated.

The companies have sidetracked to a distant model work at a rate and scale that they’ve never practised, so as to avert the spread of the Corona pandemic. E-mail and video conferencing replaced person to person association. The HR managers have to work under difficult situations in an unusual manner, for all the known reasons.

The HR professionals are not only troubled about employees’ health and well-being, but also under the stress of processing the formalities and giving relief to the millions of workers who have been paid off. To keep their workers motivated, productive, occupied and linked, the HR managers are doing everything for employees still on the job.

The virtual work was on the rise, even before the Coronavirus pandemic forced remote work to its limits. According to data from Flexjobs, the number of people telecommunicating has gone up 159 percent between 2015 and 2017 in the US. There are some studies revealing that organizations wish for more of their on-site employees to carry on working remotely once the epidemic ends.