Top 5 Languages Used on the Internet


As there are so many languages available on the internet, the question is to avail the translation of your website in multiple languages or not. For many years, the English language has dominated the world of internet massively. But other languages are also being used on the internet. The idea of multiple languages is growing rapidly for websites.

There are many benefits of availing your site in more than one language. In this article, we are going to share some of the most used languages on the internet.

English is the most used language online, as per the Statista statistics. It dominates 25.3% of internet users worldwide. This figure is not surprising at all, as the English language is ruling for many years.

The Chinese language is speculated to be the fastest-growing language in the world. According to statistics, it follows the English language with 19.8% internet users.

Surprisingly, there are more than 750 million people who speak Spanish worldwide. Spanish takes the third spot with 8% of internet users using the language.

It used to be a small language in the past on the internet but has grown as one of the most used languages online. The Arabic language enjoys more than 168.1 million Arabic internet users worldwide.

Although Portuguese is still growing as a language, it endures getting 5th position. There are 131.9 million Portuguese speakers connected over the internet, which means at least 4.1 of Portuguese vocalizing people use the internet.