What is Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence refers to the propinquity of science and engineering that majorly on developing the machines as intelligent as humans. This simply means developing computer programs as intelligent as humans. AI enables a machine to discover, analyze and crack the problems at the same time. 

Artificial Intelligence or AI is an algorithm based program, which means it is handled by the fresh and innovative codes. 

Why Artificial Intelligence is important?

Integrating artificial intelligence or AI into the computer programs, helps to create more efficient and effective systems. It is nearly impossible for humans to deal with the amount of data that is generated on a daily basis. While, AI integrated systems not only help you extract the valuable information, but also help you deal with the large amount of data. 

Incorporating AI into the systems allows data science experts to purify the raw facts into useful and satisfactory information.

Even social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. also uses the concept of AI to position their feeds, posts and tweets. In case of Facebook, it decodes the user’s activities, likes etc. Based on that it determines which content is to be placed on the user’s news feed. 

The more you remain active on Facebook, the more data will be generated and stored in the warehouse.