What is Cloud?

Often we hear the term “Cloud”, like cloud computing, cloud hosting, cloud management etc. Have you ever wondered, what does the cloud exactly mean?

Well, cloud refers to the servers that are accessed over the Internet. Whether it’s a software or a program, it can be stored on a server directly. These Cloud servers are located in data centers across the world. Cloud makes the life of users and organizations easier, as they don’t need to manage physical servers themselves.

The Cloud helps users to access files and applications from almost any device. Have you ever noticed that when you discard your old phone and buy a new one, you can still log on to your social media accounts on your phone and your account works really well in the new device as well. This is because the computing and storage takes place on servers in a data center, and not locally on the user’s device.

The cloud today plays an important role, it is the necessity of each business irrespective of its size. Not only does the cloud provide ease of work, but also switching to cloud helps businesses remove some IT costs and overhead, like, cost involved in updating and maintaining local servers.

The cloud helps companies to operate nationally and internationally, as it makes it easier for the employees and customers to access the same files and applications from any location. Especially in the case of small businesses, which are not able to afford their own internal infrastructure, they can outsource their infrastructure needs affordably via the cloud.