What is Machine Learning?


Machine Learning is an application of artificial intelligence. Like AI, it also uses certain statistical algorithms and makes computers work in a certain way. The algorithms receive an input value and based on input it predicts an output for the same. It uses certain statistical methods to do the task. Primarily the purpose of machine learning is to create intelligent machines that can think and work like human beings.

Application of Machine Learning

Some of the applications of Machine Learning include:

  • Business Management
  • Cognitive Services
  • Face Detection
  • Image Recognition
  • Language Processing
  • Medical Services
  • Video Games

Benefits of Machine Learning

Benefits of Machine Learning are as follows:

  • Machine Learning helps in making faster decisions and improves the overall decision-making capacity.
  • Machine Learning provides you with the ability to adapt to a new changing environment rapidly.
  • Machine Learning helps in understanding unique data patterns and based on which users can take specific actions in the real time.
  • Like any other technology, Machine Learning is also meant for the growth of any business. It improves the overall business process and workflow, thereby contributing to the overall business growth and advancement.
  • Machine Learning ensures quality outcomes. The chances of error are lesser which ultimately result in the improved quality of the outcome.