What is the Internet of Things?


The technology that connects any kind of device to the web along with other devices is an Internet of Things. It is actually a complex network of things connected with each other. The job of this network is to collect and share data and information.

The devices that can be connected include, smart microwaves, wearable devices, complex sensors, self-driving cars, etc.

How does it work?

Devices and objects that feature built-in sensors are connected to the IoT platforms that integrate information and data from the different devices. Further it applies powerful analytics which are used to share useful information to address specific needs.

IoT platforms can identify exactly what information is useful and what to ignore. These information are used to make recommendations, detect patterns and possible problems before they actually occur.

For instance, you set an alarm to leave for your office, but somehow you got late. And the metro train also got cancelled. Now, you will need to drive to work but you are already too late. By the time you start there will be huge traffic on the road.

However, if you use an IoT alarm clock instead of the normal one. The clock will automatically figure out the distance that you will need to cover, and will suggest an alternative route as well, thereby making your life easy.